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The name Cleon should be well-known to any person who follows tactical discussions, over the years, and its been a long time, both of us have forged a bond of mutual respect and consideration for the work we have tried to do on the forums. We usually start a conversation each year along the lines of dividing work up so we both don’t up replicating things, cos essentially we end up saying the same thing.

His articles on player roles are fantastic and probably required reading for anyone who either seeks or wishes to refine their knowledge. Reading this excellent article on the Attacking Playmaker is just an example.

I am not the only one who does something like the Adapting Series, Cleon will tell you the same thing; that its’ important to identify issues in any system you design or face. This is also a worthwhile read, this along with many other articles make up the site SI Sports Centre


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  1. Thanks mate appreciate it 🙂

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