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Malaysia 0-3 Singapore

To be honest that scoreline was predictable from the moment the Malaysians took to the field. While Malaysia are technically superior to the Singapore Lions, the Tigers showed such stupidity when they had possession it makes one wonder why they even bothered to take to the field.

For 90 minutes the Tigers failed to show any intelligence when they had the ball, opting to make aimless dribbles down the byeline. When they had possession in the opponents third there was hardly any support, its probably no surprise as they repeatedly attempted to dribble with the ball.

Singapore opted to play a largely defensive game, with what appeared to be two midfielders screening the back four. The Lions showed what you can achieve by keeping the ball through short passes and having up to four players in close support. When they lost the ball in the opponents third they pressed high. The Tigers hardly had any constructive time on the ball, but they could afford to let them have more since the Tigers would inevitably run themselves into cul-de-sacs.

The pitch at the Bukit Jalil Stadium may have been heavy, but Singapore appeared to be more comfortable playing in front of a fiercely loyal partisan sea of Malaysian supporters. I wasn’t surprised to see the Lions score the first goal, the Tigers backline wasn’t screened well, and when a throughball pierced the gap between their central defenders, it was a sign of things to come. The Tigers had their teeth removed at home, and if they don’t show any improvement soon they will lose their stripes to the other sides in the competition.

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