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FM15 – Who needs attacking systems?

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OMG defensive systems are too OP, the longer my West Brom save goes the more this notion is reinforcing it. I have made a 4132 with some attacking options, but its essentially a defensive system.

So far we’ve had some interesting results:



We’ve now beaten Arsenal 2-1 to lift the Capital One Cup in my debut season with WBA. Something tells me there is something fundamentally wrong when you can use a defensive system and get these kind of results.  One could argue that you are making players run helter skelter all over the pitch, and this does affect their conditioning. And while some work still needs to be done by the manager with set pieces, but still…this is a bit much.


Yes, its not gone all our way this season, if I had been winning every single match, then its an exploit, and I’ve had to think on my feet a few times by flipping the 4132 to a 4312 against stubborn defences, so one can say a lot still needs to be done. To those who do put in the effort on player roles and figuring out which shape suits them, I feel that the average joe should be able to do well.

The basic thing to do with a defensive system, is set up the block at the back first. That has to be your priority, then establish how you want the ball to move out, finally up front you need to overload either the flanks or the middle. Late runs into the box do it all the time, so ppms help. I bought Diego Rubio for 1million pounds from Sporting Lisbon, he’s only a 2 star but he was scouted by my staff, and he started banging in 6 goals from 8 appearances.

Something tells me defensive systems are too OP.


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