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FM15 WBA and United neck and neck

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With less than 7 matches left to play West Brom and United are racing for the tape neck to neck.



Our next match is against Newcastle 11th on the table, but they’ve set up stall to make it tough for us, United have lost to Chelsea this season and the usual suspects haven’t exactly been performing like runaway stars. We have the chance to cement Champions League action first with a win over the Magpies.

Newcastle Home


Newcastle begin the game as expected deep. For the first half they never come out to attack, we are working the ball, but our set up isn’t ideal for breaking teams done, the system they are using is set up for a counter and it can be deadly especially down our left flank.

We opt to flip systems again with 10 minutes to go in the first half, we need to score. Its a well worked goal patient and incisive.

Our ONLY goal


It had been clear to me the moment we missed this chance, that I could not rely completely on my   heat-seeker passes from my fullbacks, not when they could be this selfish. We had scored plenty goals this season from these kind of breakways, but it was clear to me that the team was following tight marking and were defending deep.


After we scored the goal we immediately flipped back to our 4132, after all, Newcastle didn’t register a single SOG during that time, but the second half was a different story,  they matched our SOG for the game, and we had to defend deep and stout. We are using every little trick in the book to get a win. I am so nervous, I stop paying attention to player development, and my smoking habit returns.

edit: Ooh Jose Mourinho who has been having a war of words with me all season long is now labelling us title favourites…he’s up to his mind games again, and i keep getting these fringe players demanding game time. I might have a player revolt, this is getting unnerving. I need players who can win me the title, so screw rotation and player development!

Manchester United hammer Liverpool 4-0, keep doing that in FM as long as you don’t do it in real life. We play after them away to QPR, the tension is growing.  My wife’s calling, can things get any worse??? If she sees me this stressed out she’s gonna ban me from FM!

QPR head into the game with an attacking formation.


I am just itching to use the 4312, since it hasn’t failed to score me a goal, and then I hesitate, QPR are playing with 3 midfielders in attacking slots and a fullback on support. This is one team that wants to come out to play, playing a 4312 could be suicidal, better to play off the back foot.

Twenty minutes, no action, so I take my first risk of the game, and turn my right CWB to attacking, we need to get more crosses in and create some havoc, we win our first corner, and grab a goal when they leave my defender unmarked on the far post. Our second goal comes from the same source again, my right CWB charges into the box, jinks a player gets a cross in.. Brunt scores.


Second half starts and as I close the mini tactical window I notice that QPR have switched to a 4231, its an offensive set up its time to shut it down. Joey Barton is playing as an attacking MC, and we set him for hard tackling,  Sandro is set up as a deeper MC. Barton gets subbed out, and then QPR swap players around which effectively messes up my OI. We regroup and re exert ourselves. And then my wife calls…pause for a cause.

Back in the game, the minute off it convinces me that I need to tell Gamboa to step back, we have a two goal lead, its better to consolidate, so we use the shout direct passing and into space, we manage to get some more ccc on goal, but my strikers are wasteful, turning in paltry 6.3 and 6.4 ratings, my defenders are absolute rocks. We win 2-0. Gamboa was absolutely outstanding and deservedly takes home the MOM award. Next up Everton our bogey team, the Toffees knocked us out of the FA Cup beating us handsomely 3-0, but all their goals were from dead balls.

Argh…the wife’s won the game. This has TBC written all over it!



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