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Overachievement, thats the only way to describe our first season.



The side did really well defensively, it was the only way I could do it. We had failed at attacking football in preseason so the only way forward for us was to build from a solid backline, but this backline of Joleon Lescott and Olsson, is an old and slow one.

The only bright light was Cristian Gamboa. He outplayed Andre Wisdom for the right back slot towards the latter half of the season, his knack for picking out the right time to go forward was critical. He may not have a great pass but his crossing was impeccable.


Chris Brunt may not be the fastest out of the pack, but this player had an eye for the killer pass. He was instrumental towards the end of the season ,and was the prime reason why James Morrison hardly ever got a game in. His tackling also meant that he could play in an advanced midfielder role with threat. James Morrison became demanding game time, failing which, a transfer was the only choice.

Saido Berahino became a huge thorn up my butt, he may have managed to score 22 goals from 38 appearances, and been instrumental in our surprise title challenge, but his attitude was appalling. If I rested him for a game, he’d start talking about joining a bigger club. In fact we kept getting requests from him throughout the season for a move away to Manchester City. It wasn’t a hard choice to make. In quite a few games he showed a complete disdain for working as a team member electing to shoot when it was better to pass. When City offered we accepted.



In fact the biggest challenge WBA had was depth, by the time we hit mid season, we began dropping points. The season wasn’t hard, in fact the title was won from 82 points. Only 2 clubs had 80+ points, the rest languished, this was an easy season to overachieve, since most of the competition had apparently stepped aside.

With the sale of Berahino and Morrison, we went out to the transfer market. We had some serious gaps to fill up. The side needed 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, preferably a fullback, a keeper and at least 3 more strikers. And with Craig Dawson and Callum Mcmanaman both requesting transfers, we need to start looking at depth with a focus to development.


Its a big list of players, and maybe we’ve over extended ourselves, but some of these are loan signings and others are young enough to be in the U21s. This will be a new season, and our expectations are humble, with such a drastic change in the squad. I’d be happy if we qualified for Europe, I doubt I have the energy to do another charge up the table. The first 10 games as usual will be the key, if we are still there by December, the title charge is on.



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