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My biggest character flaw is ego. I have too much of it. And when things are going well, I assume I am capable of anything, this happens regularly with Football Manager. There I am on a massive 30 match unbeaten run, sitting pretty on top of the premiership, and its only our second season. WBA  surprising the best and taunting the rest. Swelling with pride is usually the first sign that I should take a breather, but no its at this point of a season that I become cocky.

Confident in my abilities, I decided to stop being methodical, instead I became experimental, weaving in formations without a thought. A 3412, in one game, then a 4411 in another followed by a 451, so confident was I that I didn’t even bother saving any of the systems I had begun with. And then a question popped up on the forums, and someone needed help with a system. I cobbled a system up and we won 3-1, and then the unthinkable happened.

I went into a match with Norwich playing a 451, a match we were expected to dominate, resulted only in a 1-0 scoreline. I wasn’t paying attention to the basics, we managed to win, but we didn’t make one clear cut chance throughout the game. They were playing a defensive 4141 with a DM, and I wrote this match off as a great display by the Canaries.

Next match, Southampton, we get a penalty in the first minute, and my overconfidence has no bounds. I fail to see the writing on the wall, they equalise and we make only 1 CCC in that game. We lose our next game against Liverpool in the FA, no cccs again. Still I preserve, after all, I believe I have some god given right to win every game. And then it all comes cascading down on me…



This reminds me of the preseason we had, twas a bad one but we got things sorted.












Last 7 games

We now have 7 games to turn the ship around and hope that we can still do something


Its going to be hard, but we have a plan:


  1. Stick to the system: No more mucking about. This squad isn’t the best, optimising a squad like that via Player Instructions is vital. So we will be sticking to our guns with our 4132, and going to a 4312 if we need to. I won’t be playing a 442, 451, 3421 and any other exotic freaking number.

  2. Player rotation to keep the right guys in shape for the right games. I had this notion in my head about our supremacy, and didn’t give a thought to who should be playing, frequently just accepting the AssMans recommendation when I know better. Always think about your player attributes when you want to choose a role.

  3. I have an idea for a 433 formation that I want to play, but will only do it next season.

In my cockiness I had forgotten to save my settings of my 4132, so the system will be rebuilt from ground up, the set piece instructions have all withered away and will have to take root again.  The fundamentals we started the season with will be adhered to:

  1. Defensive Football

  2. High Block

  3. Flying fullbacks

  4. Late runs

  5. MC pivot

Our 4132 system was simple and elegant, it features the use of a high block strategy by our frontmen, who are supported by flying fullbacks, who are held back when we face a 4231. When facing a 4231 we nullify the opposite MCs influence by our MC pivot which revolves around a DLP and one midfielder on support. The late runs by the MCs – vital to how we get goals so the right players must be playing.


Wish me luck






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