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FM15 – The Strikers Grid

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I’ve seen people making so many unrealistic tactics on FM I thought it’d be time for me to post up a simple grid that illustrates what different striker player instructions are. Its important because quite a few people choose a role that doesn’t fit the intended system of play, and this is usually down to how the strikers are meant to play defined by the parameters of their roles.

Here I am only focusing on the strikers and not on the wide AMs you find in 41221 systems. This applies to any striker playing in or around the penalty box. Each striker has a position number which is rated from 1-8 with 1 being the highest placed striker in the group. So a striker with a 1 by default would be standing further in front than one who has an 8 rating. The grid also shows which players have instructions defaulted into their code. For instance, a Trequartista can’t tackle hard, its hard coded for him not to be a tackler, it doesn’t mean he will never do it, it just means that you can’t specifically tell him to tackle hard, and the shout won’t apply to him.  By understanding where these players fall on the grid you should be able to see if this applies to your system.

Strikers Grid 1


This lists out all the strikers in the game and the highest position they can occupy in relation to each other, so when you want to choose a player to be the highest point of an attack, the player who will be furthest away will always be the Advanced Forward. I am ignoring the effects of player preferred moves in this illustration.

Where a role has the option between attack and support, I have chosen attack, so that we can compare each role consistently.

If you only wanted to see what positions support players occupy on a pitch then

Strikers Grid 2


This has implications for playing a high block strategy, if you choose to go down that road, then only some roles give you the option of selecting close down much more and hard tackling, and if you want to do High Block, these are the roles that you need to use.

If you wanted to create vertical movement in and around the box, then you also need to select roles that allow for that or you can include them in a players ppm. Sometimes a player may not have the ppm then the role itself will encourage him to do vertical runs, but once again attributes like off the ball, acceleration, decision, anticipation, teamwork all play their part too.

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