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FM15 – The Preseason Show Continues

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OMG, I never thought it’d end up being 4 episodes long. I started with one episode where I delved into pre-season training, scouting, the logic of the training setup and what I do with tactics and how I use that time to set new systems up. You only have those few matches to set your tactics up and we created 3 in 5 games. The show continued into episode 2 where I looked at how to set up a 442 Wide Diamond and a 4231 before we ran the 442 in a 2 friendly matches. Then came episode 3 where I, not content with 2 systems created a third the 4141. In the final episode we came towards the end of PreSeason, the teams fluid in some of the systems and I start discussing how transfer patterns started emerging and how we took advantage of them and finally the big match, it may only be the Community Shield but this was a match against mighty Chelsea. It was time to use our 442 diamond for the first time against top flight opposition, and what a show the boys put out.

One can argue its only the Community Shield, but then again, its against a Chelsea side fielding their first team. It was going to be a good chance to test things out. Its been quite a PreSeason Show,  4 episodes, I am still reeling at the size of the work. Work pressure is increasing, so real life issues are cropping up, and need to be dealt with. So I may modify how I output my shows and reduce the frequency, at the worst, an episode a week. Downloads for these systems will be available shortly on the site

Till its time for the next show, I hope you enjoy this PreSeason spectacle. You can catch everything on BusttheNet too.

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