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FM15 – The 4312 tactic rules for WBA

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My FM15 save with WBA continues as they continue to use one tactic for the whole season. Its a crazy 15 day week, riddled with banana skins as I love to call it. We now travel to Wigan in what must be a tricky tie against a side flirting with relegation. This is a side hell-bent on protecting their right to stay a season longer in the premiership and there are only 8 games left and they are just a few points from the relegation zone. I cover this and more including how I set the team up in my next Adapting Series video on BusttheNet, my YouTube channel, and if you aren’t subscribing yet I hope you will. Share your comments on the video channel or here. I know I have promised some contributors that I will be doing a youth development video soon, but the reality is, it requires a fresh save, which will take some time. I plan to do it, once the site revamp is complete and the one for the channel is done too. So let me know what you guys think of the new site design too.


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2 Comments on FM15 – The 4312 tactic rules for WBA

  1. Have you ever used a 4231 wide? I know it’s a difficult system to get working. I wondered how you would go about it.

    • BusttheNet - Rashidi // June 23, 2015 at 10:20 am // Reply

      Will try and do one soon that and the 4141 need to be added to the tactics section. I just haven’t had the time

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