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Well we narrowly survived a thrashing against Chelsea. Going into this game, I knew we were going to have issues. My system is entirely reliant on the defensive wingers pulling their weight, but in this match both of them were tired, well below what I would be accepting as a starting player. I had no choice though, field them to find out how the system fares or get thrashed.

10 minutes in and its already stressful, I stop watching it on comprehensive cos all we are doing is chasing the Chelseas inside forwards. They keep playing balls in the gaps between the ML and the central defenders. So, we drop our defensive line and go standard. Attacking is an option, but the players are just too jaded to play such an aggressive stance.

Chelsea carved us up a few times, but we also managed to carve them up, the only difference being, how poorly my players handled their final third. Can this system work with a solid team, I have little doubt, will an average side get ravaged? Without a doubt.



I have been asked for this, so I will stick it up. Its the instructions we use, if you have issues you will have to figure them out yourself. You can try them out and if you want, you can share your experiences here and maybe everyone can learn. There are caveats:

My mentality does change, I usually play attacking, but this time around against Chelsea, I was switching between standard and attacking, for the first time in ages I had to drop my defensive line because it seemed like my central defenders were getting beat on the flanks. We have adopted a very structured shape, I am wary of using Fluid because of the freedom it gives players. That freedom could lead to a drastic loss in shape. We went from pounding sides with 40 shots to almost getting pounded by Chelsea.

In the interests of “Football Science” we will continue on with our lil experiment.



As I review the game, certain things stood out:

  1. We gave as good as we got, but still, up front we were having a torrid time. My strike force is TOO SHORT!!!, we didn’t get nearly as many crosses in as I would have liked, but there were a few reasons for that.

  2. My DLP had a good game all things considered, he was playing as a 3rd defender, the thought of making him halfback had crossed my mind, but with the marauding AMC from Chelsea it was something I wasn’t willing to try.

  3. My ML and MR didn’t have prolific games, too tired.

  4. My DLF was god like, his running with the ball was critical for us, the pity was the lack of real threat coming from the rest. My AMC had a bad game.

We didn’t use any OI on their AMC, and front 3, they generated 9s in the game. We were lucky to survive, when we face them again, we will need to do something about that.

Its clear to me that the 4231 is a formation thats going to tear this apart, so changes will need to be made to the system when we play them again. Will this system work for you? I guarantee you are going to be shipping a lot of goals if you don’t know what you are doing.


Options to try:

  1. Drop DLP to option, but it gives their AMC more room…to counteract, reduce one MC to BWM(D)
  2. Deeper Defensive line, maintain attacking mentality…may require changing passing options for backline and midfield, since this will increase the gap between midfield and attack.
  3. Sticking in a player with holding strength to help the forward group recycle possession.


This post is open while I am playing and making changes to the system. Been seriously pissed off at how easy it is for my central defenders to get pulled apart. So we are going to try something really different..Man this 343 diamond thread is an evolutionary change for a system.

Ok so now I am trying a slightly different backline, the DLP will work fine against teams that are inferior and defensive, but against really good sides I have been playing an:

Stopper BPD Stopper combo which means my midfield has to change to a DLP and BBM combo. Shot counts defintely down but the stability at the back against top sides is up. It still plays out like a diamond, which was my initial goal




Hey everyone makes mistakes you know…these tactics don’t just appear in my head like a vision. First tactic works, but not against the big Kahunas..and while i am deciding who should be playing where…someone comes in with nearly 40m offer for this guy with 50% profit from next sale…SOLD! WE have played like 20 games all season long, he’s only played like 10!Aguero


Will I be using this system for very long, I doubt it, whilst its nice to create loads of shots..and I mean loads I am not too thrilled with how leaky it is.

*edit – bah my left sided fullback/ml is now out injured, i gotta switch back to my 4312 hit the summer transfer window and look for more would think that a manager who’s so dependant on them would have a roster of 5!


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