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#FM15 Starting Anew…stayed at Liverpool for 1 day only…and ended up with..

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The storied history of the club grabbed my interest, plus the challenge. It was them or QPR, West Brom won out, only just. So what were the first few things I did when I joined the club?

  1. Backroom

Whats the club offering me? – 9 coaches, thats pathetic, but understandable, so we need to work with what we have, till we start performing. So its going to be a challenge. The club doesn’t start out with 9 coaches. So we started looking for more coaches, added 2 more, but still the best I could do was 3 stars in some categories. I did the same with the u18s and the u21s.

  1. Analyse their DNA

I can’t think of a better term than this, so I am pinching it from someone else who used it earlier. I value ball control, tactics above all else in training. First touch and composure being the main attributes. And since beggars can’t be choosers its time to take a long hard look at this side.


They aren’t that bad, but still a ways off for a premiership side. 12 being the main for the group at large, so we’ll need to work on that in training.  Decent amount of pace and acceleration, we still want to work on first touch and composure to get that up.

Looking at my U21s makes for depressing reading. There’s one attribute that took my attention almost immediately, and it wasn’t first touch. composure, it was bravery. Its sorely lacking in quite a few boys. Anyone less than 10 will be shipped out. Bravery is something we need cos our system will require players to give their all for 90 minutes.


So the next thing i do is move one or two potential “stars’ to the U21 from the U19s, and I will monitor them there. I have taken a note of who will be starting for us, and I plan to use a 442 system coupled with at least the 4312 or the 4132. The plan is to develop a side that can play in multiple positions of a 442.

The adventure beings anew, lets bring it on.

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3 Comments on #FM15 Starting Anew…stayed at Liverpool for 1 day only…and ended up with..

  1. Loving the work on this site. Very Simple but effective. Just wondering how you come up with what the attribute number should be for a particular thing like no lower than 10 etc in composure for the league you are in. When at lower team in lower rank leagues like hong kong.

    • There are two ways of doing this, if I am in England its fairly straightforward, its 15 for Premiership and I drop it by 1 for every league down. So it goes 15, 14 etc. Now for other leagues in the world, I compare my side to others in the league and see where we rank. There is a way of doing it in the game through coach reports which assess how your team is doing, and then I am to be the best in the league that way. So in HKG it could be different. So go to Team Reports and check the comparison tab to see where your team stacks up and then, go for the attributes you want your team to be top in.

    • Generally 14-15 makes you the best in most leagues i reckon

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