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Two updates in one day, I am a nutter.

So there I am, I just did an update on the blog, and I tell people to think of tactical creation like building blocks. Well time to put my money where my mouth is.

We have been rather successful with a 4132. Last season we romped to the Champs league with it, then midway through this season, I see poor Ryan Gauld and decide to show him some love and I go make a 4312. He’s smiling and banging in the goals. There we are – banging the opposition in Portugal’s Premier League and I decide hmm, time to see if I can do what I preach in practice. I take a look at my 4312 which is glorious in the way it creates goals up front….its so sexy at ripping sides up, that Gauld should be carrying a stave and standing at the Red Sea.

We take the attacking elements from the 4312, which were the attacking fullbacks and the 1+2 upfront, and I translate it to my 3412. First thing i do:  save the 4312, and load it up in one of the other tactical slots ( we have 3 after all), and then on the slot that had the 4312 I make the 3412.  I maintain the AMC+Striker slots in the tactic, move my fullbacks to WM. That recreates my wing attack and my central thrust.

Step 2, I look at my 2 MCs, now that we have attacking side midfielders, we really can’t have two Box to Box midfielders anymore, so i maintain one and turn the other into ball winning midfielder so that one will always stay slightly further back then the other.

Thats my tactic and shape done. Time to look at my shouts. We are an attacking side, and there isn’t much difference in how we should be playing so all my shouts stay the same. Sweet. Hmm I don’t seem to have any MR/ML in my squad. Ah well, who cares, this is an experiment eh? If its really a bad idea, I will get hammered. Ah Ceefax the cat has asked whether a sweeper styled defense can use offside…well, I am not going to try it here..but they will use the offside trap and I set up my defense into Defend/Cover/Defend. I believe the trap won’t catch too many rats, it’d be easier if they were a flat 3, but thats way too risky. Total time taken 1 minute.

Let’s give it a run…we concede a goal early..but I can see some really good interplay going on on the screen, so I wait. Final score…..3-1. Its that easy..the bloody tactical creator has certainly dumbed down tactic creation to such a point that you can easily create a variety of formations and it gets even easier if you have successful builds to copy blocks from.


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2 Comments on FM15 Ready, Set GO!

  1. Great article!
    Thrre’s one thing missing though, what you did with your third cm. When I look back I can find the 4132 with a hb-bbm/cma/bbm, but not the 4312 . I guess that’s a bbm/cmd/bbm combo and now you’ve moved the cmd back?

    • Yeah I didn’t put a pix up of the 4312. I maintained the fullbacks, and the 2 B2MCS, made the central MC a DLP. I will post a pix of that up soon, once I finish my take on Atletico Madrid

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