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The date March 25th, 9 games to go, and we are champions. We have yet to drop a point all season long, We came close several times either winning 1-0 or coming back at the death to escape with 3 points. We’ve finished games with 10 men, and we’ve been struck down with injuries. Through it all we still when on a rampaging run thats seen us win every single match this season. And for once, I am actually thinking of achieving something I have only ever achieved once before. Way back in 2001 when we had CM01/02, I achieved a 100% season, winning every match. Back then it was easy, I had my super tactics.

Today I believe in something called the super system. Its simple and effective, but it requires more planning, you can’t go on holiday with that one tactic and then come back 2 seasons later, like we used to. This time you actually need to do something, and, like I’ve shown before in my “Adapting” series, its not hard. You only need to find the right skin, and have a system you know inside out.

I wasn’t even paying attention when this popped up on my screen. I didn’t even realize that the match I was playing was the biggest match of the season. We even played the match on commentary mode, cos I was bored.OMG

When that screenie came up, I had to rub my eyes out. WBA had won the title? It was only March.OMG2

For the first time in years, I was actually playing a consistent 11 throughout the season. I usually chop and change, and bleed the young. This time I was chasing after the goalscoring charts.  We have been crazy good. Too good? Is the game too easy?

I have to admit our latest game was probably one of the hardest I’ve played.OMG3

Everton were playing a brilliant long ball game in this match. They were pinging balls to their two strikers up front who were knocking them down and creating all kinds of havoc for us. I had to make several changes in the game. Turning my CWB to FB for one and even OIin for the first time in like 10 games. It was easily the hardest game I have played. Credit to the AI.


This even looks like the Tony Pulls system people are trying to replicate on the forums. I had my hands full trying to stop those balls pinging to the forwards. They had as many ccc’s as us. In fact, for the first time this season, my pass completion rate by my defense was actually below 70%, showing that their system almost got the better of us. We had two goals from setpieces and only 1 was a defense ripper. I think I just found my next tactic.

I hit continue and some stupid *&^k starts a revolt cos he wanted to play every game! Twat. Hmm he’s got a bravery rating of 8, and Real Madrid want him. So time to offload.


OMG 3-1 up from the first leg, now Dortmund seek to come back and win this match. They come to the Hawthornes with this formation. I can’t wait for this…it should be a goal fest

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