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FM15 How to get roles to show on FM

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Andromeda v4
Andromeda v4
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Alavanja 15 Madness Dark
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Scorpio Steam



For a while now I’ve noticed people asking me why my version of Scorpio shows player roles and theirs doesn’t on FM15. For the longest time I have been a Sortitoutsi kinda guy, I go there to get all me skins. Then when Steam Workshop came along I became lazy, why bother? It syncs the skins for you. So I subscribed to a few and left it at that. Over the course of a few months I’ve noticed that people have asked me why theirs doesnt show the roles. Its simple.

The Scorpio skin thats uploaded to FMScout is version 1.88, its nice, clean has a fantastic user experience but it doesn’t show roles. The ones that you can download from FMScout that show roles include the ones listed above. Andromeda and Alavanja are the ones that have player roles, Alavanja’s is a bit naughty and cheeky and you will need to watch my latest video on BusttheNet to find out why. Now the Scorpio skin is the naughtiest of them all.

The version on Steam workshop is 1.8, and that has player roles on it, the one on FMScout is version 1.88 and that doesn’t, so if you want to you could do this ..keep them all in one spot. I actually deleted my entire skins folder and rebuilt it just for those people who are having trouble.

Out of all the skins I have listed above, my favourite skin has to be without a doubt Andromeda which I plan to return to.

Andromeda has such nice fonts a clean sexy look and it certainly makes it fun for me to play. If you guys have any questions just holler and I will see what I can do.

You can find Alavanja, Andromeda and Scorpio Version 1.88 at FMScout. If you want the Scorpio version that shows the roles, its off to Steam Workshop for you. Subscribe to the skin as it automatically downloads to your skins folder in FM15.



















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