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FM15 How have the outgoing players done

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So my strategy is simple. I have built a system where at least 5 players should be hitting high ratings throughout a season…at least. That makes me really happy because making money real or virtual is always fun.

Most of these players bugged me for a move, always citing the need to move to a bigger club, one which had more stature and one where they could achieve even more. I have always held the belief that these players upon discovering the error of their ways should start showing they wished they hadn’t moved someone on their personal screen..but then it hasn’t happened in SI’s game since CM days.

So lets go with the roll call 🙂

Season 2014/2015

First up lets begin with the first dude who wanted out…Stephen Sessegnon…in my first season even.

Transfer1aHe did fairly ok for us, but went on a downward spiral..I mean he wanted to go to QPR???? of all the bleeding clubs in the land..I let him go for sheer stupidity.  He was the only outgoing player in season 2014/2015

Poor lad  things are really bad when QPR offers you up as a free transfer.Transfer 1



We finished runners up and were heading for Champions League football in the summer, but for two players the lure of playing for a bigger club and a bigger paycheck couldn’t compensate for the big headedness. First up lets introduce you to..Saido sad sad Saido Berahino



Saido was a veritable beast for us, bagging us 22 goals and  10 assists as a striker. He was immense, and I had high hopes for him, a potential 5 star, but he chose to go to Man City, when they came offering me 24million for him. He insisted on moving and was giving the club a lot of grief. We happily sold him.


Well our friend went on to become a 24million flop at Manchester City. Where he had scored 22 for us in one season, he only managed 2 in 2 seasons with the Citizen’s, naturally they offloaded him to Aston Villa, where he managed to score them 10 goals as a loanee, he seems happy to be playing for a side thats fighting with relegation.

Along with him we had Claudio Yacob, who saw the glittering lights across the Mersey, and felt that  come what may, even if he had to row his way there, he would make it across the river to play for the Reds. He left for Liverpool and we accepted the 14.5million.



He too now turns up for the Rangers. I’m still wondering how they end up at Rangers. They paid for 14m over at Liverpool for a player who HARDLY played for them



The boy hasn’t played a competitive game for more than a year. Wow.


This was the season of the Journeyman, we had high hopes for Leo Baptistao when he joined us. Playing in my fluid 4312 he absolutely destroyed teams with his passing ability. See those PPMs we taught him that :-(. He was central to our charge to the Champions League title/Transfer4


After scoring 18 goals from 10 assists, for some bizarre reason Man City came knocking, the lil Brazilian looked up and said he wanted a move, he demanded a move even. For 47million I didn’t care. We took the money and happily let him go…funny thing. He made 3 appearances for them last season.


Hey Leo, thanks for the title 😉


This season, thus far, we have seen yet another player who wants to a bigger club, well at least this time its Real Madrid.Transfer 5


We wait for bated breath to see if he too ends up like the rest



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  1. As an Arsenal fan, this is a classic Hleb case.

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