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FM15 – Credit where credit is due

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So there I was starting out this new Youtube channel called BusttheNet, my goal was really to help, so I asked readers of the blog what they would like to see and along comes a guy called Hunter from Singapore.


This question provoked some interest, the last time I used the Raumdeuter was early in FM15 with Sporting Lisbon, when Ryan Gauld made the pitch his personal playground. So I started work on another blog post called the Raumdeuter and the Inside Forward.  Within this article I explained the similarities and I left users to guess what the stark dissimilarities were. Almost on queue, Laxo queries whether I could make a 4141. Well…I would like to thank the two of them, because it was the curious combination of two comments on this blog that made me create a 4141 that showcases a unique new role in the game you may not have seen before, or you may have but didn’t decide to coin a term. Hunter calls it the Dumbed Down Raumdeuter and it works brilliantly for him, Its slightly different from mine..Mine is called MidRum, the Midfield Raumdeuter, and he is going to be front and center as the showcase of my next show on Youtube, when I set put 2 Rumrums in within one tactic that can morph into 3 variants!

So thank you Hunter and Laxo, without both your contributions to this blog, this would never have happened and I would have happily continued hammering sides with my 4312 🙂

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Rashidi is an mod from the SI forums who began this site as a way to collate all the information and guides he's written for Football Manager over the years.

5 Comments on FM15 – Credit where credit is due

  1. Glad to have inspired you for something!

    Truth be told, I was looking for a more classic, traditional flat 4141 without new, invented roles, but I’m now looking forward to your work even more!

    The whole reason for this is that I’ve been struggling with making my team NOT hoof the ball up to the striker all the time in a 4141. I really like the natural defensive stability it offers as a formation, but making it good going forward (and not completely rely on a striker) has been a mystery.

    • BusttheNet - Rashidi // June 10, 2015 at 11:40 pm // Reply

      The 4141 is an exceptionally defensive system, I haven’t messed with it ever before…so it was fun.

  2. Thanks Rashidi for the encouragement! Looking forward to seeing how the midrum works for you! If the new role gets enough attention from SIgames, it might even be included in FM16 like what happened to the inverted wingback role! When that happens, man that calls for a celebration=D

    • BusttheNet - Rashidi // June 11, 2015 at 11:58 am // Reply

      I am actually hoping it doesn’t. Too many roles as it is. Sometimes I worry people are gonna get confused, but if they do want new roles I will pop it for sure and then get them to call him hmm what’s a good name?

      • Rum and raisins?=D Pseudoraumdeuter? Super raumdeuter?=DI got a feeling SI will put in more roles as that will be what attracts fanboys to the merchandise. Maybe addin the Xavi role, the Suarez role here and there lol

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