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FM- Assessing your tactics

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Ok we’re on some crazy mad run, I’ve already broken my consecutive wins record in the league, we are up to 25 I think, and we have won every single game this season in all competitions, and its January, so I thought it would be a good time to continue the assessment of how well your players fit in your FM15 save.

I know how my system should play. My backs get up to create chances, my midfield has to win the ball, and between the three of them, my strikers need to be able to craft and put the ball into the back of the net.

This can’t happen if the midfield is not doing their job.



If you take the time to look at my screenshot, its obvious central defenders should be getting a lot of assists, but its my 3 midfielders who stand out, with their tackles and interceptions. Cristeig, Roberto and Slavchev have been monstrous. Slavchev has only really been playing because our first choice has been out for like 3 months.

And then I look at assists, you want your target players to be doing well, and we can’t complain here either. My strike force and my backs are leading the way. 1.Assists


You need to make time in the game to establish your style of play, identify the players who will lead the way, and continuously monitor them, do this by setting the right kind of standards, you won’t believe how easy this makes the game.

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