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FM15 Adapting with a twist: The Madrid Derby

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So my recent Adapting series have focused exclusively on the Baggies amazing unbeaten run, but recent posts on the SI forums, have nudged me in the direction of trying something different. So I whipped out an old Atletico FMC save and decided to just toss my 4312 in, get Atletico Madrid to play the tactic with the players it has. The save is still in the first season and we’re just 20 or 21 games in. This side has already been set up to play a defensive 442, so asking it to switch to an attacking 4312 against Real Madrid should be quite fun. The match was recorded in real time, so that its treated like I would normally react in any game, sans the emotional cussing. I was told I need to do PG videos. Its a bit long but hopefully its enjoyable, I tried 🙂

The goal of the video is to show how a successful tactic still needs the right players and ppms when you use it with a different team.

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