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FM15 – Adapting – Spurs vs WBA

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This is gonna be a quick post, its meant as a response to a question posed on the forums. Essentially I was asked whether its better to have 3 tactics with different mentalities/PIs or to do just what I do- change on the fly.

Let me use my next game as an example. We’re travelling to White Hart lane to face Spurs. On default my tactic is Control. The fluidity bar is 100% by the time August comes so I really don;’t have much of an issue. 



Fluidity2On match day this is what the tactic screen looks like. Spurs coming in with what looks like a controlled 4231. But, when the match is about to begin, it changes.





On one flank there is an attacking fullback and on another flank we have an attacking winger. This implies that we will face strong pressure down the flanks. We make some changes the screenshots below show the before and after effects of making the changes.

The system is still FLUID, and as far as I am concerned thats enough, I am not displacing the system too much by making a huge amount of changes.Fluidity7


It was a successful change, and even when Spurs decided to go all out attacking with a 4231 and in spite of my passing changes done to TI we were still able to maintain fluidity for our system. Winning the match 1-0.



Fluidity9We have been playing like this all season long, it hasn’t been too long, but still, I am happy with our results.



Its a simple system, know your tactic, understand how the AI is going to attack you, then prepare the flanks and mitigate against their style as best as you can.




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