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FM15 – Adapting: Southamption vs WBA

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Time for another quick example.

Once again let me reiterate, I am taking one tactic and playing it like a system. The whole idea is to maintain using that one tactic for every game but only adjust it via small tweaks that do not affect the fluidity of the system, so that we maintain team cohesion. Doing this requires that one knows their system and how it plays. My tactic plays narrow and I like to move the ball around quickly, and even if I am faced with a side playing wide I will still stick to what I am doing, knowing fully well that adjustments to roles will still be done to compensate for my lack of width.

Today’s game a trip to St Marys to face Southampton. We are playing our 4312, and its Fluid as a control tactic, but as always whether I choose to go control or not really depends on what Southampton puts out. This is what the match day lineup looks like. Southampton appear to be sitting between a standard or controlled 4123



The forward line has me thinking that they could be a problem if they get behind my attacking Complete Wingbacks. So I need to make some changes, the system they are playing doesn’t play with a target man and suggests the way they will score will come from being camped. So I won’t be letting that happen.

I make some changes to our system, the CWBs roles are changed, and we adopt the basic shouts I use for the start of every attacking mentality setup. The goal, pressure the opposition into goal concessions.Saints2


Within 5 minutes we are up, my immediate reaction as always is to look at their system to see how they have changed




After going down by a goal, Saints immediately begin pushing up their left flank, ordinarily I would have just compensated by changing the roles of my right fullback, but decided to do it for both. Knowing that they sought a way back, we changed to a counter attacking strategy, removed the pressing cos thats not needed anymore, and took off the offside trap.



They concede another goal and decide to change the role of the lone wolf upfront to a poacher. Electing to stay on the safe side, and hoping this guy isn’t fast, I set tight marking and wrong footing to the chap.


By now we are comfortable, Southampton strategy doesn’t look too adventurous, I could go for more goals by going attacking but don’t see the need, we do end up scoring our best goal later to make it 3 goals. As you can see its so easy to play the game in this way. You can set the other two tactic slots on the tactical creator for other shapes.




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