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FM15 343 Diamond ridiculous amounts of shots

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So here I am, having made a 343 diamond, and I am shocked at the amount of chances its creating. its almost reminding me of Scramjet. Whereas Scramjet depended on switching plays on the flanks to stretch defences allowing the midfield to strike at will, this one well it literally overwhelms defences with overloaded attacks.

So far I’ve used this system in the last 15 games. We won the FIFA World Club Cup competition in the final, by beating Velez to a pulp with 40 shots on goal. I thought that well , against Arsenal, maybe we’d get caught out. We are only using 2 central defenders. Thats it..

MY DEFENSE HAS ONLY GOT 2 CENTRAL DEFENDERS. We may have a player in the DM slot playing as a third central defender, but he’s my “reworked Libero” and he’s immense.

The downside to playing only 2 at the back is evident. Liverpool in real life have been playing with 3 central defenders and at times Emre Can becomes a libero. In some matches they do hammer their opponents to a pulp, but their flanks are notoriously vulnerable. Just ask A. Moreno, the nutter had such a bad game against United, he should have been subbed in the first 10 minutes.

Playing a 3 man defense requires that your defenders have the awareness of an omniscient deity. Thats almost sacrilegious I know, but those flanks are a magnet for trouble. In my semi final game against Arsenal, I was hoping this could be tested. They set out with a 442 DM. (2DM instead of MCs). We stuck to our guns, and chose to go Attacking. 5-1. NO freaking way this should work against sides that are 4231 and better than you. This is in no way an exploit..cos you will get caught out…but it sure is fun


It was a one sided domination..i should rename this tactic DOMINAR!…but it has weaknesses. If I address them I win more than I lose…..lets start.


Its very clear that this diamond system I am using has weaknesses, for one thing, crosses from set pieces is going to be an issue, we conceded one goal when I expected a lot more from my defenders than they were willing to give.


Here we are attacking a corner, I like the fact that we can dominate, but we almost conceded a goal from the counter here, when the ball got played to the red dot who has his run indicated. The defender marking that spot had poor first touch and almost gifted the gunner a goal.

When the ball was won, it was won in a dangerous spot for a counter.





Thats what we look like when we have the ball in the middle. And thats when I knew we would win the game IF MY DEFENDERS CAN INTERCEPT.  The control of space here is brilliant, and its basically game set match at this point. We hadn’t scored a goal yet, but it was at this point of the game that I knew I only had to focus on 2 things: My ML/MR must tackle well, and my 3 at the back need to top interceptions. Is this an exploit? Its anal that you can play a game with only 2 DEFENDERS!…yes its balanced with 2 side midfielders acting more as advanced fullbacks. And, yes their match conditioning through 90 minutes is shocking, they rocket down, and yes you do need to create the opportunities to score..but still.


This system is not going to work against top class teams, there is no way I can use this system to beat Chelsea, I should find out its our next match, but the players I need for the critical positions are tired. For now though, this illustrates a fine point about spatial control.

Its so simple to control space in this game. Get these questions answered and you have your solution:

  1. How does my side look when they don’t have the ball in all 3 parts of the pitch
  2. How does my side look when they have the ball in all 3 parts of the pitch.

I have put together these two videos on what the goals look like. Can’t remember who we played in the first video, the second video featured Spurs who were playing a 4231. 2 minutes into the game and our overloaded offense got one of their players sent off. After that the goals scored almost bordered on the ludicrous. Hopefully our next match against Chelsea will be a better test. I am pretty sure we are going to lose..this system will be caught out against an attacking 4231.




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  1. hallo Rashidi, I’m Alessandro from Sicily…I was delighted to be able to read and learn from your blog, I follow on SI forum but I say just because of my bad English ..

    Can I ask how you deployed the team and the team instructions

  2. Thanks!
    Your posts are amazing!

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