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#FM13 Stafford Champions Again

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Back to back championships, and this one much harder than the previous seasons. With 11 matches to go we were a point behind Barnet, and with two matches left in the season we managed to swap places with them and grab a 2 point lead. Leading into the final match of the season, I had almost written off any chance of lifting the trophy, we had several teams needing a win to lift the trophy. Stafford Rangers had been drained by then, the players a spent force and a 1-0 defeat away to Southport enough to hand over the title. All we had was a prayer.

And that prayer was enough. I was a spent force as well, without the fire and brimstone will to grind out the final match on full highlights,and, fully prepared to go to the playoffs, but the random gods of FM were kind to the Rangers.

We had secured our second title.  Twas time for a new adventure in npower2. Here’s a quick update of how we are doing thus far.

Stafford in nPower2

Our first season prep work is done, with a budget of 0, I need to get a side thats up to the challenge. In the closing months of the last season I had to revert to a formation which would give me defensive stability as well as some attacking edge. I was basically using a formation that I loosely termed 41221 in my threads, I thought I’d better just post it up.

Its a fairly simple layout, done off the TC with minimal adjustments, apart from some passing options which i had to make. I have been fairly conservative with my roles at the back choosing to asking 5 players to defend and if you look at the trio in midfield, you will probably see a few more. The lone forward upfront has been set up as a deep lying forward and I have two reasonably pacey wingforwards.

The cut and thrust of my system must come from my pivots in the middle as well as the deeplying forward. I tend to favour this formation over most others for defensive stability simply because of the OI options that I have at my disposal. Any 442 is nullified via OIing the FBs and the Wingers; locking down my fullbacks gives me time to assess opposing formations and if i choose to unlock a stubborn side I can always set them to support and get the team to work balls into box.

The Tactical Creator settings have been used, except for passing, since my fbs dont go forward on overlapping runs. On good pitches we do really well, but on bad pitches we do struggle so my passing options at least give me the outlet of varying my attacks.

Its been a fairly solid system which doesn’t require much in manpower since i really only need to worry about the DM and the DLF. We have got off to a good start in the league with a home win over Bury. More to come after my short holiday on my lil island paradise. But before I go heres the league table showing where we stand…my formation has some nice bonuses inside it. It allows me to unleash my APM and one of my fullbacks. So whilst I may start out defensively, usually after 10 minutes I am setting them to attack. We’ve had a patchy but great start to the season thus far. My greatest fear this season is my lack of depth, with wage issues and having to make sure I keep my best players there isnt really a lot to offer for backups. We’ve just beaten Burton 4-0 to record our first win in 5 games and are in desperate need of a solid anchor man in midfield.

We are also using a new formation a 41221 which I did use a few times last season but nowhere regular enough to be embedded into the team. Well we were slow starters last season, and hopefully we can get going with a string of wins. I just need back to back wins to get us going.

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