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Stafford Rangers continue to do well in the league, having now done the Grand Slam twice in a row, this year being way harder than last year, but as I have said before, the tactical side is taking a back seat as we focus on developing a replicable player development model.

Gonna focus on just a few players in terms of youth development. You can find the training plans in the blog ..but to reiterate. My youth players focus on ball control till they join senior training, where for a season the focus is on Ball Control, Tactics and Attacking with more focus on the first two.

Heres Dobson’s development between 19-20.

2027Dobson 2029Dobson

I am pleased with his development, crossing, anticipation, acceleration, stamina,agility, tackling, marking, decisions, creativity, determination, bravery. strength, workrate, influence, off the ball. flair, jumping,concentration, composure all showed improvements. He has featured strongly in my team, and has also joined the national as a first choice fullback.

Another player whom I wasn’t really focusing on, but benefited greatly and ended up playing a key part in our Grand Slam was this player:




My training focus is closely tied to how we play. In order to be successful I have identified, first touch, composure and concentration as vital attributes for my team. Etxebarra is a fantastic player hampered only by his lack of natural fitness, when he comes on he rips teams apart with his flamboyant play, and once he went injured towards the end of the season, our team struggled. Although we won the FA Cup and the Champions league, we got it only by having a better defense. We had players sent off in both games, but his absence in those matches was telling. I loved how he improved in the areas where we felt his contributions would be pivotal.

Now this fullback wasn’t able to play as many games as I would have liked, injury again forcing him to the treatment table, but despite missing 3 months he managed to improve in the vital areas we needed:




Larangga is showing tremendous potential and will soon be challenging Rui Pedro, our first choice fullback for a spot on the team, my goal this season will be ensuring that he is trained to be an attacking fullback just like Pedro, whose surges into the box unsettle many teams.

I love this dude, he started out as a fullback in our team, but he has shown so much versatility, I have been at fault of overplaying him and not paying attention to his development, this season I will focus on him closely to ensure he develops well. He will be put on a focus as a wide midfielder because he has such a natural talent to attack the box. He has dropped in some attributes but gained in the teamwork and workrate areas which does make his development look interesting.

2027Meweesen 2029Meweseen

Now this player has shocked me, his value went from 5m to 21m. His development has been nothing short then stellar. Ramiro is an enigma in my team. His attributes tell me that he should be played as an attacking midfielder. He has grown strongly mentally and his performances on the pitch do reaffirm that my choice to focus merely on ball control, tactics and attacking is beginning to pay off. I have no idea what to do with this player, currently we have 3 players who can play this role.

2027Ramiro 2029Ramiro

2027Santisteban 2029Santisteban

Jon Santisban isn’t developing like i would have hoped, and even though he is prolific goal scorer, I may need to focus a bit more on this guy individually, but how do I do that when he has this player knocking on his door:


The hardest thing about player development is not forming attachments, but how do I not? This boy dismantled Barcelona singlehandedly. Even though he didn’t get on the scoresheet, he got 3 others on the scoresheet, and thats so valuable to our style of play. A boy to look out for and definitely fighting for a starting spot vs Jansen our maradona and Jeppesen our main striker.

Training Plan for the next season

We did really well in competitions but our final third of the season was characterized by long injuries. So there may be a bit more focus on fitness in preseason with more friendlies. We will continue to focus on Ball Control for our youth players and once they hit 17, will start playing some matches in the senior squad (5) whilst they move into the reserves. Top 5 youth players will be moved into the senior squad and will be playing a minimum of 15 games in all competitions.

The senior team will focus on Ball Control, Tactics and Attacking. Player focuses will be priortized by their role first.  This season more youth players will be inducted into the youth team from the academy since we are erm..not very rich. I do feel that this is the training model we will adopt and continue to use. Now that I am fairly certain, we will now focus on getting enough players through the ranks so that we can sell em. Overall I am happy with the player development model I am using. Its easy to replicate and manage. And even if I forget to place a player in a role focused training program he still develops well.

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  1. Hi Rashidi, your training schedule is so perfect that the players got so many colors there 🙂 So for the 1st team you concentrate on ball control, tactic and attacking, how often do you rotate them ? all in high intensity right ? Sometimes I got players that lacks a lot in fitness and stamina, are they also get the 3 above training or better concentrate on the stamina / fitness ? Thanks a lot. I really amazed with your player development.

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