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FM West Brom 2 Liverpool 0

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Our next match pits us against Liverpool. We’ve just come off a high following an epic 5-4 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Knowing that sides as good as the top 4 in England will never lie down and take shit, we proceed to pay even more attention to Livepool

Liverpool are setting out in the 3412 formation, which is something I like to play against. This formation is heavily reliant on their wingback making runs, and the presence of Phillipe Coutinho adds greater strain to defending.

I decide immediately that Coutinho’s presence will need to be contained, and a basic 442 is going to collapse against them, so I elect to use a 4132 and hit them on the counter. vLiverpooloi

Couthino will be marked tight and because so much of their play needs to start from the back we decide to add closing down instructions on their fullbacks.

Our first goal came off some good work closing down Coutinho whose misplaced pass ended up being the start of a counter attack which we scored from

West Brom vs Liverpool


After we scored the goal, I figured that our possession was dangerously low, every time we counterattacked we looked like scoring, but I wanted to hold possession more and I changed shouts to do just that. We managed to score our second goal, in what started out as a counterattack, but once it got near the box, short passing kicked in.

We ended the game with low possession numbers, but I didn’t care, it was a game we were touted to lose, but a counterattacking direct style of football saw us take all three points.




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