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As promised I am now going to take a look at how we’ve done over the season with 5 premier league games left, we’ve almost sewn up the title. We were on a 24 match winning streak which ended following a goalless draw.  We’re still in the Champions League and have booked a quarterfinal date with Manchester United.

We started out with a strikerless system, but at the start of the season, I began to take notice of the emergence of our fullbacks. Ryan Gauld was going to take a back seat, I had to start playing a system which would allow me to play midfielders and fullbacks. So we opted to use a 4132 and a 433 formation.

433 RY4132

The goal: give the fullbacks a chance to fly down the flanks as wingbacks. They would be the ones we’d depend on for goals goals goals.  It was fairly challenging having to juggle the 4 of them.


When i was playing strikerless, Gauld was easily the best player on the pitch, assists and goals were rampant down the left. This time he was quiet as the fullbacks took centre stage. Ricardo Esgaio and Jon Silva showing how important their contributions were. Esgaio was particularly impressive, considering he’s making a late run, having bagged 12 assists from 15 appearances. What was shocking for me was the number of interceptions Silva had achieved in 27 games:127!  I have been playing a system which was based on a solid defensive foundation, its even more challenging when you want to do this alongside a desire of produced attractive wing-styled play supported by penetrative attack from the centre when needed.

It wasn’t hard to do once I had a clear vision in my head, getting a solid defensive framework set is covered here in the blog under a section which will be developed further as I go. The page covers the creation of tactics and is the first of a 3 parter.

The winning run kind of left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, its nice having a great run, but it does make you feel shortchanged. The engine has some flaws and I plan on taking full advantage of the back line’s inability at dealing from runs from deep effectively before the patch. However, I am also considering calling time on my adventure in Sporting. Financially Portuguese football has a long way to go before it can compete with the best in the world. And to have a solid long term plan developing youth, i get the feeling I need to be in a league that has better financial rewards. There are only 3 clubs I need to pay attention to in Portugal, no disrespect intended to all the Portuguese fans out there, but as some players say in the game..” I need a new challenge”

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