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I have been spending a fair bit of time updating the blog, I now have a section which I plan to develop further. Its already begun on how to begin with the tactical creation process, and I’ve spent some time explaining transitions. Theres a sub section there detailing how easy it is now to make systems on the fly, essentially you need to start thinking of systems in building blocks.

Essentially every one of my systems is malleable. I have been able to take the basis of my 4132 and go make a 4312 and a 3412 in less than a minute. No cracking of the skull was required, so my wife was happy. that her husband’s was still in one piece. I may actually do a few pieces on how coaches train their teams to handle different systems in real life as well. So how would a coach defend against a 3412 for instance?

The principles are all the same. Manage space and learn how to exploit it. Such a simple dictum nearly everyone understands it, but there are so many people who struggle. Hopefully I get more done . For now the Football Manager Tactics section is here. Let me know if it helps as always your comments help me refine the work that I do.

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