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In order not to die of boredom from the game, I have focused all my attention on player development. Its challenging when you are with a club thats new in the top tier of English football – you want that new stadium. Well you need a good cash surplus first. And if you have an academy you’re still faced with certain constraints that may prevent you from finding the best players.

  • Reputation – you can’t attract as many good players if your club/manager rep is low
  • Financial Wealth – you will be faced with times when the best want the best salary too and you can’t afford to pay them that
  • Club success  – absolutely vital, if you want them to develop fast, you need to win more than you lose, and they got to be in the winnign teams as well.

To be honest, its not hard getting a side to the pinnacle of English football. Winning titles is easy. The real challenge is to develop your own academy and finding the financial independence to attract the best. To put things in perspective, you can get promoted in your first attempt and then within 3 seasons win the title. Will you have the financial wealth to build your academy? I doubt it. Since we have assumed you have done consecutive promotions, that top of the class academy won’t happen immediately. Can you head out buy the best youth and then bankroll your future, yes you can but to titles not to financial liberation.

I knew that when I first took over at Stafford. When we got to the premiership, I had one goal – win the premiership within 3 seasons. To do that I spent my transfer budget, gamed the wage budget to get more spending money, and then sought out cheap players to get me through. Once we won the title, the cash flow became better and I invested in more players, this time younger players who were top class players so that they would be my future side, I brought in quite a few. Once that generation got to 28 years old, I started getting a bit sentimental. I kept a few and sold a few. My outgoing sales were on average 15m a season. That was horrendous. Two seasons ago I realised I needed to change things up because as these young players started winning EVERYTHING, the back of my neck started to itch.

As your young stars get older the wage burden will increase, so this is the crossroads you will hit. A choice needs to be made, either continue winning the title and pay ever increasing wages, or have a policy of scouring for cheap good talent and set a wage limit. Once your young stars are close to hitting that wage limit, sell them. Alternatively, sell em off by the time they are 28-30. You need to be able to generate 50 – 60 million pounds clean profit to get that new stadium that takes you from 32k to 100k. Stafford have won the crown of europe 5 times, but we still play out of a 32k seater stadium.

I’ve only started turning a nett profit in player sales in the last two seasons, but by calculations I need to be making 70million in player sales a season if I don’t regard player wages. Since its really hard to make that kind of a margin, I’ve turned to a strict wage budget by going through my side and selling off anyone who is near 180k wages a week. That means my great super captain Jesus, who has miraculously won us games single-handedly may be sold at the end of this season. Time for me to walk on water with my financial juggling.

In order for me to make us super duper rich, I need to develop a strategy of focusing solely on player development from now onwards. That means a top four finish at best. I’ve got to become Arsenal, and sell em in their prime,

This season we have made 57m in player wages, I’ve knocked out 3 players earning in excess of 150k a week. The goal now is to groom players and start selling them by ‘showcasing’ them. One of the players hot on my list is Ramiro, if you have been following his development in my Player development Pages you will see why I am excited. Another player that will be sold is Tramantano. These are players I will sell. You can find the comparisons and how they have been trained  here.

I plan to focus on player development in the next few seasons, in fact, the plan now is to get more rejects from across Europe and groom them and sell them. I found one defender for 300k and now he’s valued at 8 million. If there is anyone out there who’s got a good way of making money in this game I would be keen to hear from you.

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2 Comments on #FM 13 Player Development

  1. What I do
    1 Kids. Place them all on the longest contract I can, only pay them around 100 (you could if you wanted just offer a pound) a week no bonus or any other payment (including agents) insert a clause that they will make 250k a week when they have played 30 league games. When they are near this mark I evaluate them, those I want to keep I offer a new contract those I don’t get sold

    2 kept players. I deal with contract dependent on how they will be used. I never give anywhere near what they ask in wages I will bump up agent fees loyalty payments. Give them good appearance clauses, goal scoring bonus, team of the year ext. an example I have 2 dm’s but only play with one, plus I have youngsters I want to develop a high appearance fee won’t kill me also I can give them a 50, 60 or 70k goal scoring bonus as I know they will grab me 3 or 4 at the most over a season.

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