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Addicted to FM gets a few changes

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So here I am on me blog, didn’t know there was a twitter user running around using the name of me blog as well. Well good to know that I was using it way longer than he has been a twitter user.

The blog has been revamped. I have made it a lot more easier to find the information that people may find useful. We have a navigation menu at the top which is broken into Tactics, Training, Game Optimisation and Legacy information.

The way I do things is to treat the blog as a giant wiki, where stuff I learn gets updated like a manual. The aim is to keep things simple. Football Manager is fundamentally an easy game, its so easy to overachieve that sometimes I make it feel like a joke. I don’t intend to disparage the game in any way, but my goal has always been simple. The more information people like me release, the easier the game gets for us, and the challenge then gets transferred to SI to improve the engine, which in itself is no easy feat. Imagine trying to edit 1 line of code within 8 million lines so that one a keeper will always play it short. The knock on effects of making 1 line change within 8 million is ridiculously hard, that makes the development of the match engine almost organic in nature. It grows over time.

So we need to continuously challenge the upper threshold of what a human manager can do, and I am not alone in being able to do this. Over the years, the number of people who have matured their tactical knowledge has swelled. And this is down to the work of a lot of posters on the forums who have grown up with this game. Many were single when I got to know them back in the 90s, most are now married, some like me have had the game cited in a divorce. I am a legend 🙂 Shh please don’t tell my second wife this..

Alright onto the blog. We now have consolidated all the information on tactics under one header this covers Tactics:


Training and other stuff



I do hope this makes it easier for people to find information, the blog will continue to have random posts about anything and everything, but any detailed guides will always be under one of those headings. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. That’s a good change – much more comfortable to navigate around now. 🙂

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