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About is a site dedicated to football, specifically, Football Manager, the best selling game from Sports Interactive. It’s meant to be a place where people can come and gain more insight to the game. The information here is organised to make sure you find what you need for the game. Providing tactics has never been a passion of mine, granted I used to do it a lot in the past, but over the years I’ve found that the most effective way for people to learn is off templates.

And that’s the goal of the tactical downloads section. Over there you will find tactics done and uploaded. When I think a system is relatively stable enough its uploaded. However none of them are ‘perfect’, by that I mean that each tactic requires you to fit it into your team. If you have a team that’s finding it hard to defend, then I recommend you do an analysis of the club.

Another key consideration is that information provided here is sustainable over FM versions. I deal in concepts of football management, for example, my yin-yang principle is all about balance and controlling space. And I’ve been applying to football since 1998 and it works for me. I hope you find the information here helpful, and if there is more information you require please sound me out, I am always glad to help.  There are times when I disappear for a few weeks in a stretch, but that’s due to real life commitments which entail a great deal of traveling, the game though, is always close to my heart.

Who am I?

I’ve posted under the moniker rashid1 for years on the Sports Interactive Forums. Having moderated there for as long as I could remember I took a break from the game in 2009 to return in 2013. Also worked as a producer and director for ESPN Skysports for almost 10 years and my principle area of responsibility was on the English Premier League and cricket. I left the TV industry in 2002 and went to focus on work in the technology industry, eventually landing myself in project management work and ultimately developing technology strategies for companies.

This site is devoted to anything and everything to do with football and football manager, its dedicated to all the women who have suffered disappointing relationships with me and its dedicated to those women who are still determined to play a pivotal role in my life.

We will be expanding the site looking for more authors to make guest contributions and take this further. Happy reading.

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  1. Hello mate.

    Do you still have the tactics for CM0304?

    Dearest Jonas Plejdrup

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