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A deeper look at training

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My seasonal updates are getting shorter and shorter …we won the league and cup again. And managed to get to the finals of the European Champions League, which was a gut wrenching final. 3-1 with 30 minutes to go, I make a change, we manage to turn the game and grab a goal. In stoppage time, we grab a penalty that Lucas Romero failed to convert. The 3-2 loss was depressing, the good news – we over achieved like never before, hammering Real Madrid 6-2 on aggregate and beating Chelsea 5-2 as well to get to the final.  The side had done well, and I believe this was done to astute tactical changes I made to the side, favoring a 4132 formation with a halfback. It allowed me to soak up the pressure of a 4231 and launch attacks against better sides. Unfortunately for us, Barcelona was just a mountain too high.

Well I’ve updated my Player Development Model for FM 15, it’s done to reflect what the side has been on this last 2 seasons and is covered in detail here. It has an updated training program and covers in general Current Ability and Perceived Potential Ability.

For the last 2 seasons ii have been focused on seeing whether Balanced training is better than Focused training. And I have covered that in detail as well over here.  I have looked at both training programs and have put up some results. Granted this is only for the last 2 seasons, but I intend to keep this going.

There is a large part of me that’s considering taking over Barcelona in the new patch, simply because they have financial pulling power to bring in more youth, and this can only give me better results, but thats for another thread.

For now though check out the rest of the information on the blog, as always this post and the two pages I’ve referred to will be reproduced on the SI forums.



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  1. Hey, mate, I just wanted to drop a thank you note. I’m a pretty new FM player, and all that you have written on player training and development has really made the lightbulb click on for me for this part of the game. Thank you so much.

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