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A Blog Reorganisation – to make it easier to dig through it

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I was thinking of starting up my own site or just reorganizing the blog. Well, I took the cheaper route, even though I have a few websites I’ve hardly done anything with.

Essentially this is just a short note to inform everyone that I have added pages to the blog, creating sections for tactics and training. Naturally Stafford stories will just go where they go..let me know if it makes things easier.

Oh yeah even if someone manages to find a tactic on the blog, I won’t be ‘diagnosing’ why it didn’t succeed with ya if you use it. I am not responsible for your FM enjoyment if you use any tactics. Furthermore I won’t be saying where these are..if you do find them and use them and if you get sacked..then ..erm…well…why didn’t you read the fine print?



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Rashidi is an mod from the SI forums who began this site as a way to collate all the information and guides he's written for Football Manager over the years.

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